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SBC Backpack Give Back Form

SBC Backpack Give Back

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Build Backpacks:

I am/Our company is committing to build Invalid Input Backpacks to support SBC Backpack Give Back.

*Jayni Woods will contact you to arrange the pick up of your Backpacks.

See Supply Checklist below.

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Buy Backpacks:

I/Our company can't build Backpacks, but will make an online donation for the SBC to use to build Backpacks (each Backpack has a value of $50).*

*If you do not want to donate online, please mail your check to:
Small Business Council
Attn: Jayni Woods
150 State St.
Rochester, NY 14614


Backpack Checklist

Items Per Backpack Quantity
Black and white marble composition book 1
#2 pencils 48
Colored pencils (7" - 12 pack) 1 box
Pens (2 of each - black, blue, red) 6
Plastic folders (yellow, green, blue, purple, red) 5
Highlighters (yellow) 6
Markers (thin, 12 count) 1
Glue stick 2
Eraser cap (small package) 1 package
Pencil bag or box 1
Notebook paper (200 sheets, wide ruled) 2
Spiral notebooks (1 subject, wide ruled - 1 each - yellow, green, blue, red, purple) 5
Ruler (12") 1
Hand sanitizer (travel size) 1

Download and Print the Backpack Checklist Sheet

Backpack Drop Off:

Special thanks to RW Dake for providing space for the Backpack collection.

Please drop off your Backpacks between 11a.m. and 5 p.m. on August 1, 2018:
100 Bluff Dr.
East Rochester, NY 14445

Backpack Distribution:

We will distribute Backpacks to our beneficiary organizations on August 2, 2018.